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Collision Damage Waiver
Super Collision Damage Waiver
  Included in the price US$ 9.00 per day extra
 Damage to the rental car by fault of the renter. yes yes
 Deductible  $572.00  $100.00
 Damage to a third party caused by the rental
 car by fault of the renter.
yes yes
 Deductible   $572.00   $100.00
 Other damages to the rental car, e.g. theft,
 vandalism, fire.
no yes
 Deductible  Fully liable  $100.00
 Additional driver no yes
 Additional driver price  $2 per day  No additional charge 

yes Covered
no NOT Covered

Mandatory insurance: We do not rent cars without the Collision Damage Waiver

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

The own risk deductible amount is US$ 572.00 for any and all damages to the rented vehicle resulting from a collision/accident caused by the renter or an (unknown) third party. The renter is fully liable for any damage to the rented vehicle amounting to less than the aforementioned amount. In case of theft of the car or damage such as vandalism, joy-riding, broken windows, fire, flood etc. the renter is fully liable for the vehicle.

Super CDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver)

Super CDW is the same as the CDW, only here the own risk deductible amount for the car is US$ 100.00 and the rental vehicle is also insured for theft or other damages to the car like vandalism, fire, flood etc. Also, there is no additional charge for an extra driver. 

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