Street Colors Bonaire is a project powered by Fundashon Kultural in partnership with Rewriters Rotterdam. It aims to collaborate young aspiring artists of Bonaire with professionals in order to cultivate the creative talent of the youth of Bonaire.

The Street Colors Bonaire program is set to run into the summer of 2021, it is a cultural initiative that is aiming to raise the arts education and shape the young artists of Bonaire. Street Colors Bonaire has set in place an educational program for the students in the MBO phase of their schooling, and is hoping to put street art in Bonaire on the digital map and give it a place in Bonarian society.

About 15 youth have already signed up since February and have begun working with 5 artist/coaches on the island, they have recently completed their first mural in Nort’i Salina this past July and will be visiting various artists and studios around Bonaire in August and September to gain further insight into Bonarian art practices.

In October they plan on beginning the MBO course and are hoping to receive the first international artist to commence further wall painting.

You can follow the Street Colors program on the visual platform instagram, at @streetcolorsbonaire, to keep abreast with the murals being painted.

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