If you are passionate or interested in diving and considering a trip to Bonaire, then you simply could not pick a more ideal location. Bonaire’s diving and underwater world is ranked as one of the premium destinations by international aficionados, so much so, that the island is affectionatley refered to as "Divers Paradise".

On this beautiful tiny island, you can enter the Caribbean Sea from any point on the Leeward side of the island. No other island in the Caribbean has so many unrestricted shore diving sites.

Bonaire is committed to preserving its natural beauty and have declared the waters as one of the Caribbean’s first marine parks.

Arid Southern Caribbean Climate, void of rainfall creating calm, silt free waters with a visibility averaging a 100 feet (30m) and Year-round access

A 100 dives sites to explore, sloping drop-offs, an amazing double reef system, ghostly shipwrecks, and an incredible marine biodiversity with 55 types of coral and 470 types of fish.

All these features packed into the warm tropical Caribbean waters that average 78-84 degrees Fahrenheit (25.6-28.9 Degrees Celsius) meaning you have year-round free access to explore the beauty of the waters at your leisure.


When it comes to finding an operator to cater to your diving needs or for training, then look no further than Dive Friends Bonaire!    

Let’s look at why Dive Friends Bonaire is the premium choice as your Dive Operator in Bonaire,

  1. Dive Friends Bonaire is an independent operator, not connected to any resort. This means people from all accommodations are welcome.
  2. Up to 8 Full-service locations and 4 retail stores on the island. Meaning there is a Dive Friends outlet conveniently closely located to you (all facilities are equipped with excellent rental gear).
  3. Did you know that they have been awarded the PADI Green Star award for efforts in Marine conservation? Dive Friends Bonaire is constantly committed to preservation of Bonaire’s marine nature with quarterly clean up dives and a true “Blue Destination” mentality.
  4. They are a PADI 5-star PADI IDC dive center, and been providing high quality services and education since 2002.
  5. They cater to divers of any skill level from Bubblemakers to instructors and everything in-between.
  6. They offer new adventures in Bonaire making them an attractive choice for repeaters looking for new angles in their Diving. From Ocean Reef IDM Full Face Masks to developing new underwater photography skills at their photography center.
  7. Create opportunities for visitors to get involved in conservation and research in protecting reefs through citizen science and arranging underwater cleanups.


Diving, snorkeling, courses, boats, retail, servicing, or inquiries, Dive Friends Bonaire will have you covered. They pride themselves on making all their visitors feel like friends and are the perfect companion in your Diving adventure in Bonaire, they are your Dive Friends!


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