One of the primary items on any vacation itinerary is to enjoy the culinary options at the chosen destination. What makes Bonaire special is that even though it is a small island, it has a surprisingly large amount of restaurant options; one count came up to 146 different eateries! These cater for many different paletes, and provide a large assortment of food options on the island.

We have put a few here to exhibit the variety of restaurants and styles. There are a broad range that stem from local Bonairian cuisine to international food from France and Japan. If you have discernible taste buds and enjoy culinary variety then Bonaire is the island for you. Not only known for its diversity but also for its quality, the culinary team of Bonaire competes in the “Taste of the Caribbean” events hosted by the Caribbean Hotel Association. In these competitions Bonaire frequently ranks up with the top medal winners, winning many top awards and bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals for a variety of categories. Bonaire won gold for both “Caribbean Chef of the Year” and “Junior Caribbean Chef of the Year” in 2017.

Although the listings of Restaurants are too great to fit in this blog, we have put a few here to simply showcase the diversity of the offerings.


Local Food is a must for anyone wanting to experience the culture of Bonaire. Although it can be bought across the island, one of the best ways to enjoy local cuisine is in conjunction with a trip out to Rincon, the oldest village on Bonaire, and the heart of Bonaire’s culture! It’s known as the village where all true Bonarians come from.

Posada Para Mira

This is a favorite restaurant for those who wish to try local Bonairian food inclusive with a breath taking view of Rincon. The menu includes local delicacies such as Stews (Known as Stoba) and soups (Known as Sopi), which come in a variety of different meat options from goat, chicken to Iguana (A local specialty). Posada Para Mira is a great choice for a local meal with a trip to see the historical village of Rincon.

Rose Inn

Another great local restaurant in Rincon is Rose Inn, here there is no menu or pricing. The vibe of the restaurant is incredibly authentic, with local stews and fish dishes and very friendly staff. If you would like to have lunch in a place where it feels as if time stood still, Rose Inn is the perfect choice.


The variety of International restaurant options found in Bonaire are quite impressive, below we have listed only a few, but which show the large difference of culinary options available to you.


Patagonia is a restaurant that specializes in Argentinean foods. Specialties of this cuisine are in Meat and Seafood dishes. Their special dish is an Argentinean Paella, which derives from a Hispanic Paella, this dish traditionally is a slow cooked meal that combines rice and seafood. They have wonderfully grilled steak which comes from the grassy plains of Argentina called the “Pampas”. Patagonia is seaside located and will provide you with stunning views of the ocean intertwined with first class dining.

Patagonia Bonaire Restaurant 600x450


Looking for authentic Brazilian food? Then you can try Blue Garden Brazilian Grill and Gourmet Pizza. Some of their specialties include Picahna which is all natural beef from Brazil, authentic Brazilian cheese bread, Brazilian Pizza and Brazilian Caipirinha.


For some amazing Colombian food you can try El Fogon Latino. Great meat dishes such as arroz con pollo (mixed rice dish with chicken), pork chops and mixed grills. This restaurant is exceptionally popular with locals and has great value for good prices.


If you are in search for both vegetarian and non-vegatarian Indian meals, then look no further than Go Green Indian Restaurant!  They offer classic Indian meals such as Palak Paneer (Spinach and cheese), Rogan Josh (Red lamb or goat), Chicken Tikka Masala, Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken) and classic Indian flatbreads like Naans and Paratha.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern

Mezze is the restaurant to go to for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. The chef is a Le Corden Bleu graduate, and he brought authentic Middle Eastern Flavors to the island of Bonaire. Here they pride themselves on Pita bread, creamy and nutty Hummus and sizzling skewers of meat grilled over hardwood charcoal, with an option to dine over an unforgettable view of Bonaire’s seaside.


Bonaire boasts a great Japanese style Sushi restaurant by the name of Osaka – Sushi & Teppan Yaki, which uses fresh fish caught by local fishermen for its Sushi offerings. They also offer Teppan Yaki (Translated to : Iron plate - Grilled ) which is a style of Japanese cooking that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The Teppan Yaki meals are a mix of fried rice, fried vegetables and Tenderloin, Fish, Chicken, Scallops, Shrimp or Lobster.


Capriccio is a premium Italian restaurant in Bonaire, the restaurant has been recognized as one of the few restaurants in the Caribbean that offers an extensive wine list of 200 fine wines from across the world.  They feature traditional Italian food from both the northern and southern region, some with a Bonarian twist. Think Pastas, Italian breads, Ice-cream and thin-crust Pizzas.


Looking for a taste of Paris? Or sipping on a Belgian beer on a hot tropical day? You wouldn’t have guessed it, but yes Bonaire even has a Creperie. Le Creperie is conveniently located at the cruise port and they provide a selection of French Crepes and Belgian waffles.


Due to Bonaire being a nautical society, fresh fish and seafood is intrinsically tied to daily life and culture. Trying fresh fish is a must if you are in Bonaire. A restaurant that offers a great fresh fish and seafood selection is Breeze ‘n Bites. Beautifully located! Situated directly on the shore of Bonaire and overlooking the sea to Klein Bonaire. The chef here has a passion for Seafood and has put in great effort to ensure a good selection of seafood is made available to the patrons of this establishment. Fresh fish dishes to try are his Smoked Fresh Wahoo served on a salad with homemade pickles and horseradish cream and Fresh Scallops sautéed in truffle butter served on a banana leaf.

FreezyTeethIce Bar 1

Food Trucks

If you looking to grab a quick bite in-between a dive or a day at the beach, Bonaire has you covered! With three food trucks conveniently located at three famous beaches. King Kong (Great Burgers!) at Bachelor’s Beach, Cactus Blue (known for its famous Lionfish sandwich!) at Donkey Beach and Kite City (They provide bean bags and music to!) at Te Amo Beach.

And all of these are only a portion of eateries that the island of Bonaire has on offer for you! They say experience is the best teacher, so we invite you to explore and try out the cuisine for yourself and hope that the island’s diverse culinary offerings will further enrich your visit.

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